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We integrated in this theme all the best marketing tools to Boost up your sales without any monthly fees or Need of a Developer.


Let me ask you some questions… 

  • Are you an Amazon Affiliate Struggling to Increase your Sales and Commissions?
  • Are you Driving Traffic via Paid Ads or SEO without converting it into Sales?
  • Do You Have a Poor Designed website or lacking on skills or Money to design/have a high converting Amazon niche website?

If You Answered “Yes” To Any of These Questions, Then You Need a Converting Layout Template Theme.

We all (unfortunately) know that feeling of disappointment when we check our stats and realize we ain’t pulling in the sales we need.

We know exactly what goes through your head…

(We’ve been there too!)

What’s the point of driving traffic to your offers if they don’t convert?

Sales don’t come from traffic – sales come from traffic converting.

And here’s the thing, if you put more focus on your conversions (rather than just getting traffic to your pages)…

You’d have a whole lot better results.

AND a LOT more money in your pocket.

If you can increase your interactions with your prospects, then you can double, triple, quadruple your chances of success

You need to be opening up more conversion opportunities for yourself.

We all know how much difference a 1% increase in conversions can make to our profits…

By giving yourself MORE opportunities to interact with your visitors.

More opportunities to convert.

More opportunities to profit.

And in just a moment, I am going to share with you how to Increase your Amazon Affiliate Sales and boost conversions From One Single, All-Integrated Dashboard WordPress Theme.

Here is the result of an Affiliate after he switched to AzonRev:
23% increase rate in Clicks & 56% increase in Commissions

A Review Theme That Drives Huge Results Fast!

Here’s why Smart Affiliates love AzonReview, and you will too!

Increase your Conversions

With an Integrated suite that converts with a click of button without installing dozen of plugins.

Easy to use interface

The powerful Options Panel in the backend gives you the flexibility to setup your site within minutes.

No Tech experience required

Customize your review theme yourself. Simple controls and settings saves money on developer and designer time.

Fast Loading Theme

Modern and fast carefully crafted for Marketers and Affiliates like You.Our code is clean, efficient, and up to specs.

100% mobile friendly

Using the AzonReview Theme will ensure your site automatically adjusts to look and function beautifully on any device.

No Monthly Fees

That’s right – There are no monthly recurring fees. You are free to use the theme forever.

And of course, it goes without saying, that you also get…

High quality User Guide

We’ll guide you through every step with our Step-by-Step theme Documentation.

World Class Support

Our awesome, talented team is here to help you succeed every step of the way.

See What our customers are saying…

I have used countless free and paid themes for my Amazon affiliate sites. Most of them have been okay, but always left me seeking out more themes and plugins to increase my conversion rate. The AzonReview theme which I am now using solves all of my conversion problems without the need for lots and lots plugins. The theme is lightweight and loads very quickly, works great on mobiles and requires very few plugins to get the functionality that I need. Comparison tables are a central feature of the theme, CTA for images are customizable and the layout is designed to get people to click over to Amazon whilst staying firmly in accordance with their TOS. I thoroughly recommend this theme for any Amazon Affiliate as it will allow you concentrate on your visitors, your conversions and, ultimately, your profits.

- Phil - Amazon affiliate

I’ve never had the best experience with WordPress themes. And trust me, I’ve had the pleasure of spending months trying out different themes. I’d find one I really like but then find something that isn’t customizable or even tweakable to get it to where I’d want it to be. But AzonRev is a game changer. Not only is it a replicated version of’s theme but it’s improved and much more user friendly. I like the customization that comes with it. Everything is customizable and Mohammed is constantly listening to the beta testers and finding out what could be improved. When it comes to being an affiliate, I know what works and what doesn’t, and so do the other people that are trying out this theme. AzonRev could possibly be even better than the theme used by “Thisiswhyimbroke” as it is focused on images, text and easy navigation. Would I recommend this? As long as Mohammed is behind it, then yes! It’s about time as I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time

- Nader - Digital Marketer

AzonReview Theme is one of the best Themes tailor made for Amazon Affiliate. The Homepage layout is in magazine style as other Authority Sites. It has all the tools to customize and make it easy to create converting review posts, so you save time and focus on on-page seo and writing selling content.
I used to spend hours setting up new theme, putting up the comparison table and aligning images, but this makes it so much easier and it’s a big time saver.
It’s a must-have for those start out in Amazon Affiliate journey and bank big time

- Ke Chow - Super Amazon Affiliate

Many internet marketers do not pay attention to the importance of having a good theme and its impact on conversions and reader’s experience and this exactly what I faced.

When I first get started, I have tried several times and none of them have achieved my goals until I crossed Azonrev. This theme solved a lot of issues for me. My previous theme was not mobile, responsive, slow loading and it costs me extra fees to get extra features such price tables (an essential feature of you are doing Amazon Affiliate site) Azonrev, gather all great features that any internet marketer is looking for. It is fast loading, easy to manage and eye catching, responsive on mobile and desktop. Either you are a newbie or a pro marketer, Azonrev is the ultimate solution.

It will save you a lot of work, money and time. It is the all in one theme that the market needs and the good thing it is a low priced theme. I could say that is very to find a similar one with such a price and all these features. Mohamed is a captain in Marketing and I believe that he put all his knowledge and experience in Azonrev. This theme will not only do the work, but it will generate great and fast results

- Tarek - Amazon Affiliate

We’ve Got Everything You Need to Increase Your Commissions

AzonReview is a complete website conversion tool
that will provide your site with everything it needs to succeed.

Just A Few of its Powerful Features…

Conversion Tool #1: Professional Home Page

Make perfect first impression and convert your website visitors at the first opportunity…
With AzonReview Theme, you can build professional, mobile-friendly Home pages in minutes… built by posts by selecting them via your WP Widgets.
You can choose 2 or 3 columns with Absolutely no coding necessary…
You can add sections and blocks with a click of button by displaying your Hero image or Call_to_action text or the logos of your favorite Brands.

>> Check our Demo

Conversion Tool #2: Pre-Made Mobile Comparison Tables

Pre-made Tables designed to save you time and money.
With AzonReview Theme, Instantly grab your visitors’ attention with fancy pre-made Comparison Tables tagged with your Amazon Affiliate links and help them take decision about  your offer(s) the moment they land on your page.
No Need for Hours to design them or Plugins to Slow your site down.
Just Insert the ASIN of your Amazon Items that you want to review and AzonRev theme does the rest for You.

Conversion Tool #3: Proven Converting Blog Post Layout

With AzonRev Theme, You can create a proven Converting Post Layout with a Click on Button.
You can use our Dummy Content Post and paste your content without starting from scratch.

With Hours and hours of research, we created a High Converting Post Layout used by top earning Amazon affiliates.
All you need is only Copy Your Content , Paste it and AzonRev theme does the rest.

We want you to concentrate on your Amazon Affiliate Marketing and your content not on your website Theme .

>> Check our Demo

Conversion Tool #4: Collection of Shortcodes to Increase Your CTR

With AzonReview Theme, Everything You Need, Baked Right In.

You no longer need dozens of plugins that slow down and compromise your site. All the functionality you need is built right in with our included shortcodes.

You can increase your conversions and lower your bounce rate using a complete suite of shortcodes:
Pros & Cons, Image Boxes using Amazon API or your own images,Tabs and Info Boxes and many more with No Coding required or a Plugin installed.

Here is the result of an Affiliate after he switched to AzonRev:
31% increase rate in Clicks & 56% increase in Commissions

The Way I See It, You Have 3 Options:

Option #1:
Figure It All Out On Your Own

This is the “strategy” that most people take… and it hurts them.

Sure, you can try to put the pieces together from blog posts, forums and YouTube videos. But that would take YEARS.

After all, it took me over two years of tireless experimentation before I had this converting layout in place.

Option #2:
Hire an Agency

This option is like walking through a minefield.

Sure, you may end up without a scratch…

…but more often than not, you’re going to get blown up.

I can’t tell you how many people I know that got burned by shady Design Website agencies.

Option #3:
Get AzonReview Theme

You came to this page because you’re serious about your Amazon affiliate business…

…and you know that to grow your Amazon business, you need to have a converting theme.

A Theme used by big Amazon Affiliates.

Ready to Boost Your Sales Now?

Easy Setup, No Coding. Take less than a minute to install.

Sign up Below and Choose your Package.

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  • One Time Payment, No Monthly Fees, 2 Minutes Setup
  • 1 year of Support & Free Updates

Sadly, most websites sink without a ripple.

Not because the Affiliates don’t have what it takes, or their message isn’t important.

They fail because they get lost in the weeds of trying to build a platform.

Before long, they lose their passion, feel overwhelmed, and give up.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The AzonRev Theme for WordPress sets you free to return to your first love—creating transformational content.

With the powerful, easy-to-use tools we’ve created for people like you with something important to say, you’ll be able to rise above the crowds and finally be heard.

But being heard is only the beginning. It’s really about changing lives. It’s about impact.


See What Other Affiliates are saying…

Azonrev is hands down the best Amazon WordPress template I ever tried. And I tried a lot of them. But this is the only one which include nice template, import Amazon products, build nice comparison tables, nice pro and con sections and seems to convert really well. It’s actualy not just a template, but a complete tool for selling Amazon products as an affiliate. And quite easy to understand, too

- Marko - Amazon affiliate

Buying Mohamed’s Azonrev theme was the best choice I have made on my affiliate path. He helped with the setting up of the theme, installing the plugins and configuring the widgets. Support is awesome, without the support I probably given up, as I am complete newbie. The learning curve would have been overwhelming. But with his support and guidance i have my site up and have a great understanding on how it all works after a week or so. The theme is clean and lightweight, and is fully customizable. There is also full support documentation on his website, which will guide you through any setup you need, it also has picture-tutorial so you can get visual guidance, which was invaluable. The theme cost to me that represents great value for money, with the level of support that you receive. Gone are the Done For You sites costing $500. Now you can do all the site without the massive price tag. If I was asked to star rate this theme, I would give it 10 out of 10 star rating. I would like to take the opportunity in thanking you Mohammad again and to say again without you, I probably would have given up.

- Vernon - Amazon Affiliate

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do you have a question about AzonReview Theme? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions.
If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Who Should use AzonRev Theme?

AzonRev Theme is for Amazon Affiliates who are struggling to increase their sales and conversions and want to take their Amazon Affiliate Marketing to the next level without wasting Time and Money.

How long can I use this theme? Is there a charge for updates?

Forever. Or at least as long as the Internet exists. While support and updates are limited to the time period specified in your license, you can continue using the theme you already have after that expires.

What happens after I purchase the AzonRev Theme for WordPress?

Within minutes of submitting your order, you will receive 2 emails confirmation. It will include your theme information with a license key as well a link to download your files.

Is there a charge for updates?

12 months of updates are included with your initial purchase.
If you want continued updates and support after your included period, you will be able to renew on an annual basis at a substantially discounted rate during your renewal window. This renewal rate will be 50% off the current price of the license at the time of renewal.

Can I upgrade my license if I decide I want to install AzonRev in more domains in the future?

Yes! You can upgrade your license at any time during your included support/updates period. Pricing will be the current price difference between the Other license and your current license. Please note that upgrades do not extend the term of your support/updates.

What if I have a question or need support?

We are here to help. Simply submit any questions you have via a support ticket  (sorry, no phone support). We respond Monday – Friday based on the order questions were received.
Please understand that our support is not a replacement for having a competent web designer or developer to help you out. We cannot provide timely support for emergencies you may find yourself in or every technical issue you run into with your site. We do answer all theme-related questions and investigate bug reports / issues promptly.